In the past few days, our fire containment bag, AvSax®, has protected airline passengers and crew members on two separate flights.

During each incident, a lithium-ion battery-powered device began to overheat. Fast-acting crew members recognized the problem, so they quickly placed the suspect devices into a hydrated AvSax®, immediately remedying the issue. Neither airplane had to divert, allowing them to safely continue to their destination.

Lithium-ion batteries are on every commercial flight, making AvSax® an absolute necessity on airplanes. If damaged or manufactured improperly, lithium-ion batteries can experience a rapid, uncontrolled increase in temperature, also known as a thermal runaway. When this occurs, AvSax® cools the hot batteries and contains the majority of smoke.

Used by four major airlines, along with several smaller airlines, AvSax® is the most popular fire containment bag in the nation. We applaud our airline partners’ commitment to flight safety for their crew and passengers. At Viking, we will continue our goal of ensuring that airline passengers can fly safely, knowing they are flying with AvSax®.