AvSax® was presented with the Innovation Award at the annual World Flight Operational Forum, which was held in Norway.

This is a major international conference, which focuses on flight safety, while giving people the chance to discuss all aspects of operating aircraft.

The key speaker was Richard Champion de Crespigny who was the captain in charge of a Qantas A380 Airbus in November 2010 when one of its four engines exploded, badly damaging the plane. Richard remained calm under pressure and safely landed in Singapore.

According to the conference website: “The developments in recent years in aviation, with a significant increase in the number of aircraft operators, several airports, and more sophisticated materials, has led to an increased need for co-operation and coordination on issues of common operational interest.”

The citation for the AvSax® states it won the innovation award “for inventing a bag with flame and blast mitigation properties designed to contain lithium-ion battery runaway events in flight.”

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