What is AvSax®?

AvSax® is a fire containment bag that can contain and even prevent a thermal runaway on a lithium-ion battery. This product allows airlines to safely handle lithium-ion battery issues while in flight.

Why is this product important?

A typical commercial airline flight carries hundreds of devices that are powered by lithium-ion batteries. If damaged or manufactured improperly, lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous for airlines to carry.  In the case of what’s called a thermal runaway on a lithium-ion battery, AvSax® cools the hot batteries and contains the majority of smoke.

How does AvSax® work?

AvSax® has a gelling polymer, which forms a tight seal when water is added. AvSax® works by utilizing this water to cool hot batteries, while containing the majority of smoke that accompanies a thermal runaway on a lithium-ion battery. Additionally, the polymer in AvSax® can also absorb any explosion or force that can occur during this process. Click here to view a demonstration.

How is AvSax® different from other fire containment bags?

The important difference between AvSax® and other products is that AvSax® is the only fire containment bag that can not only contain a thermal event, but also prevent it by stopping propagation. Water will remain within the bag’s polymer if a device does not go into thermal runaway. This allows AvSax® to be used as a preventive measure without damaging customer property. Click here to view a demonstration.

Who uses AvSax®?

Currently, AvSax® is the most popular fire containment bag among major airlines. Many major air carriers, including Delta, have chosen to install AvSax® in their fleet to ensure the safety of their passengers and crew.

Is AvSax® a certified product?

Currently, the FAA and EASA refuse to certify any lithium-ion containment bag until they have a standard with which to certify. The only certifications available are vertical burn testing, which AvSax® passed.

How can I learn more?

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