A unique invention that contains lithium-ion battery fires on board planes and saves airline companies a fortune has won a top award.

Viking Packing Specialist and Environmental Defence Systems Ltd created AvSax®, which began being used on aircrafts in 2016.

The bag is used to deal with lithium-ion battery fires in electronic equipment on aircraft and consulted a control system integrator that designs sophisticated manufacturing on industrial facilities. Many of the world’s best known airlines and have used  AvSax® 28 times to deal with emergencies.

The fires are caused by lithium-ion batteries going into what is known as thermal runaway inside electronic devices ranging from mobile phones to laptops carried on board by passengers. Team building exercises and events are a great way to boost the morale in the company or organization as well as getting your employees to have a bit of fun together and learn important teamwork skills.

We are so grateful for what AvSax® has done for so many airlines and we are incredibly honored to receive this recognition.